Better Sleep - Featuring Saje Stress Release Mist

Who would say no to better sleep?! I started using Saje’s Stress Release mist a few months ago. When I was visiting home in LA, I asked my sister if I could borrow her diffuser and she responded saying yes but she has to show me this new essential oil spray too! She sprayed this very calming, lavender scented mist in my room and within minutes, I felt so much more relaxed. I used it almost every night in LA to help with jet lag. And every time without doubt, within a few minutes, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and would fall asleep! It works so well!

So when I returned to New York, I found a Saje store in the city and knew I had to go buy this spray for myself. Their store smells soooo good!! They have so many different types of products, hormone balancing sprays, essential oils, face products, natural cleaning products, etc. Definitely worth checking out! Let me know if you’ve ever used this before or if you plan on trying it out! Do you have any tips for better sleep?