My Green Beauty Starter Kit Part I


I often get asked for recommendations for my non-toxic beauty and skincare picks. So below, I'm going to share with you my favorites that I've discovered over the past few years and why I love them.  Let me know what your favorites have been!

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Makeup Picks:

Hynt Beauty Duet Concealer - I've been using this concealer for a while now and love it!  It covered my acne when my skin was at its worst and I still use it now to hide scarring.  I use it more as a foundation to even out my skin tone and it gives a very natural finish which I love! #effortless? It lasts for a while because veryyy little goes a long way. If you would like to hear more about this product, I've dedicated a whole post to this magic here.

Zuzu Concealer - Zuzu is my under eye concealer. It stays nicely under my eyes (I have very oily skin and most products slide all over the place by mid afternoon).  I use the color C-20 and I have a light complexion.  This concealer can be found in some health food stores like Sprouts or Lassen's or Amazon.

RMS Magic Luminizer - If you want to look like a disco ball...and I say this in the best way possible...then this is your next highlighter!  It has such a beautiful, glow, and has no sparkles, just shimmer ✨ which I love.  On days when I don't put on a lot of makeup, I just use this and my concealer and I feel like I'm ready for my close up 📷...on the the sun...with a dolphin...I don't know where I'm going with this.

HANS Bronzer - Any chocolate lovers here?! 🍫 This powder bronzer is made with cocoa powder and it smells dee-lish-ous! Every time I put it on, it smells like I'm making brownies. Also, the color range is really nice especially because I have very pale skin and most bronzers are wayyy too dark on me, but this one is perfect!

HANS Blush - This powder blush has a slight gold shimmer and gives you a rosey 🌹 glowy look.

Plume Brow Gel - Bold brows...CHECK!!  I used to not like brow gel, but then I used this thang and I love it!  It's super easy to apply (without it looking too harsh) and comes with a brow brush and comb. You swipe, brush, and voila! You are now Lily Collin's brow twin! ;)

Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette - Okay, so I have been on the hunt for a natural eye shadow palette for the longest time and I recently found this Pacifica palette. Most natural brands sell single shadows but they rarely are sold in palettes, which can be annoying if you're trying to get ready quickly and don't want to open up a ton of different shadows. There are some brands that I've used that come as palettes but are not pigmented like these Pacifica eyeshadows.I know Pacifica isn't 10000% natural, but I think it's a great cheaper and cleaner option until I find a better brand. Let me know if you have found a brand that makes pigmented eyeshadow palettes!

Mineral Fusion Mascara - I think this is the only mascara I have stuck with since the beginning of the clean beauty adventure. I've tried other brands, but I find that my lashes like this formula the best.  Like I said before, I have very oily skin and I think my mascara likes to purposely annoy me and smudge under my eyes making me look like a raccoon.  So since this mascara stays put for the most part and holds a curl, it's a winner for me!

Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara - I just recently found this mascara and absolutely love this it, dare I say possibly more than the Mineral Fusion Mascara 🙈. I still wanted to keep the Mineral Fusion Mascara on this list because I’ve used it for about 3 years and it deserves a mention. The Lily Lolo Mascara really really holds a curl and doesn’t smudge for the most part (I have very oily skin and even generic beauty brand mascaras smudge for me). I also like how black the formula is and it’s very volumizing. Definitely a new favorite of mine! :)

Ilia Lipstick - I love these Ilia lipsticks so much! They are creamy and moisturizing, and I find that they stain the lips nicely throughout the day.

Have you tried any of these products before? Comment below and let me know what you’re green beauty starter kit would be!